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We offer online classes and in person classes

Why you will love Youと日本語

flexible classes

If you live in Toronto and would like to learn Japanese in person, you can choose in person classes.
On the other hand, if you live far from Toronto or would like to learn online, you can choose online classes.

small class sizes

Our class size is a maximum of 4 students, which means you can interact with your classmates and teachers easily.
We believe that it is important to converse as much as possible to improve your language skills.
The class size makes it possible to have a chance to talk to one another.

Japanese immersion

Our way of teaching is the “Direct method”, which means teaching Japanese in Japanese.
We believe that it makes you improve in Japanese faster than translating everything in English.
You are encouraged to speak as little English in the class. Teachers will attempt to teach only in Japanese.
If you really want to improve your Japanese skills, let’s learn together!

I have met many people who really want to learn Japanese.

You might be one of them.

Are you worried about learning a new language?

Don’t worry.

When my students started my class, they didn’t even know the Japanese alphabet.

However, I find that they really enjoy learning Japanese.

Here is one of my students’ voice.


Yuto Sensei is the best teacher! He is extremely patient and uses many creative ways to teach his lessons from PowerPoint presentations, to songs, to stories and poems and much more. I have been studying with Yuto Sensei for two years and I never thought I would be able to read Japanese in my lifetime. It’s been an incredible journey and I recommend him for anyone looking to begin Japanese or improve their skills.

Youと日本語 is here to help you learn Japanese!

Class Information

Online Class

We use zoom, so you can join my class anywhere in the world.

Please check the class times and feel free to contact me.

Class hour

Monday: 4:00p.m-10.50p.m.(Toronto time)

Tuesday: 3:20p.m.-5:40p.m.(Toronto time)

Wednesday: 6:20p.m.-10:50p.m.(Toronto time)

Thursday: 8:00p.m.-11:20p.m.(Toronto time)

4:00 p.m~5:00 p.m3:30 p.m~4:30 p.m××
5:10 p.m~6:10 p.m4:40 p.m~5:40 p.m××
6:20 p.m~7:20 p.m×6:20 p.m~7:20p.m×
7:30 p.m~8:30 p.m
General Japanese Beginner A
×7:30 p.m~8:30 p.m
General Japanese Beginner B
8:00 p.m~9:00 p.m
8:40 p.m~9:40 p.m
8:40 p.m~9:40 p.m9:10 p.m~10:10 p.m
9:50 p.m~10:50 p.m×9:50 p.m~10:50 p.m10:20 p.m~11:20 p.m


¥12,000 per month
(Subject to the exchange rate on the date of payment. Approx. $110CAD~$120CAD.)

*You will receive one trial lesson for 30 minutes.

Register for a free trial class here.



2050 Sheppard Ave E Suit 203


From Victoria Park Station

Take the 24A or 924 bus

Get off at “Sheppard Ave East”

7 minutes on foot.

From Don Mills Station

Take the 85 or 985 bus

Get off at “Consumers Rd East Side”

2 minutes on foot.

From Hwy 404 Sheppard Ave East

2 minutes by car.

Class schedule

Thursday, Friday: 4:00p.m-6.15p.m.

4:00 p.m~5:00 p.m4:00 p.m ~5:00 p.m
5:15 p.m~6:15 p.m
General Japanese Beginner A
5:15 p.m~6:15 p.m
General Japanese Beginner B


¥12,000 per month
(Subject to the exchange rate on the date of payment. Approx. $110CAD~$120CAD.)

*One free 30-minute trial lesson online.

Register for a free trial class here.

The classroom

This is the entrance.↓

Our Classroom is in the office↓

Our classroom

  • You will learn how to write and read Japanese characters.

Course Information

In this course, you will learn Japanese grammar and how to write, speak and read.

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Reading and Speaking Course

For intermediate and advanced.

In this course, you will read newspaper, blogs and so on. Then you will discuss your opinions.

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JLPT Course

For all levels.

You will practice to take JLPT.(Japanese-Language Proficiency Test)

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Pre-Teens Course

For 9-12 years old children.

In this course, the children will learn common Japanese phrases and grammar with some activities.

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The free trial class online

We offer online classes and in person classes