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I teach Japanese online or in-person once a week.

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7 reviews for Japanese class tuition fee

  1. Jaiden Hasunuma

    This teacher is amazing!😎
    When I first started learning from Yuto (teacher), he was very kind and seemed like he knew what he was doing. He knows how to talk to people of all ages and he knows how to slip in some jokes from time to time. Not only did I learn a lot from him, but I’m still learning a lot more from him. At first, I didn’t think that doing online classes to learn a language would work, but after a while and getting used to it, it helped me improve my Japanese, and I got to personally know my teacher more. Anyways, to conclude this message, I highly recommend learning from this teacher if you want to learn how to speak or improve your Japanese.

  2. Patrick R.

    The best Japanese teacher I ever had. Since I had weekly one-to-one Japanese classes with Yuto san, my Japanese level, in general, has skyrocketed. My Japanese learning journey, thanks to Yuto san, was as smooth sailing. Beginning by learning the basics like hiragana, basic kanji and beginner grammar helped me a lot to pass my JLPT exam. Then during our Japanese classes, Yuto san challenged me to speak only in Japanese, which helped me develop my confidence in speaking Japanese. Thank’s to his easy-to-understand and efficient textbooks, learning new vocabulary or grammar was fun and rewarding. I trust Yuto san’s knowledge, to improve his student Japanese like he has done and still doing for me.

  3. bryan

    very epic teacher. teaches Japanese very well. learned to count to 100 and maybe even beyond in 5 minutes because of Youto. new vocab every week as well as reviewing old work. 10/10

  4. audrey

    I learned my N2 grammar from Yuto sensei and passed my JLPT N2 exam in July this year!!! He is very patient and kind, and good at explaining the meaning of different words and phrases through examples. After the lessons, I had a firm understanding of the grammatical rules and meaning of the new vocabularies.
    I also improved my writing skills a lot because Yuto sensei would correct my Kanji, usage of words and written grammar. Before learning from Yuto sensei, I had already passed N3 but my written and spoken Japanese was not that good. However, after lessons with Yuto sensei, I could write and speak Japanese more confidently than before and my communication skills really improved a lot.
    I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve his/her overall Japanese skills, be it grammar, writing, or other aspects of brushing up your Japanese level!!

  5. ミクちゃん

    Amazing teacher!! I went from not knowing Japanese grammer to understanding questions, and answering in Japanese, and making my own sentences!!! Yuto(teacher) is amazing, for people who want to learn Japanese from beginner, Yuto is perfect. He teaches very well!

  6. Isaac

    I have had the pleasure of being a student of Yuto’s Japanese class, and I must say that he is an outstanding teacher who has truly transformed my language learning journey. From day one, it was evident that Yuto possesses an incredible passion for teaching and an unparalleled knowledge of the Japanese language and culture.

    Yuto’s teaching style is not only engaging but also tailored to suit the needs of each student. He understands that every individual learns differently and ensures that everyone in the class feels comfortable and included. His patience and willingness to explain complex concepts in simple terms are truly commendable. No question is ever too trivial for him, and he always encourages us to ask, making the learning environment warm and supportive.

    One of the aspects that impressed me the most was Yuto’s ability to strike a perfect balance between structured lessons and interactive activities. He incorporates a variety of learning tools, including multimedia presentations, group discussions, and role-playing exercises, making the classes not only informative but also enjoyable. I have never felt bored or disengaged during his lessons, which is a testament to his exceptional teaching skills.

    Moreover, Yuto’s deep understanding of Japanese culture adds a unique dimension to his lessons. He goes beyond language instruction and shares insights into Japanese traditions, customs, and social etiquette, making the learning experience comprehensive and enriching.

    Yuto’s dedication to his students’ progress is evident as he regularly assesses our individual strengths and weaknesses. He provides constructive feedback and offers additional resources for further practice, ensuring that we continuously improve and build our language skills.

    As a teacher, Yuto is not only approachable and friendly but also highly professional. He maintains a positive and encouraging demeanor throughout the course, fostering a sense of motivation and confidence in his students.

    In conclusion, I cannot recommend Yuto highly enough as a Japanese teacher. His expertise, passion, and dedication to teaching are truly exceptional. Thanks to him, I have made significant strides in my Japanese language proficiency and developed a genuine appreciation for the rich Japanese culture. If you’re looking for an outstanding Japanese teacher who will guide you with enthusiasm and expertise, Yuto is the one for you. Arigatou gozaimasu, Yuto sensei!

  7. Valeria

    Outstanding Teacher, the level of Japanese I was thought with just few classes is amazing. His way of teaching is also very good, I would highly recommend him to anyone who is trying to learn Japanese.

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