Yuto Sensei is the best teacher! He is extremely patient and uses many creative ways to teach his lessons from PowerPoint presentations, to songs, to stories and poems and much more. I have been studying with Yuto Sensei for two years and I never thought I would be able to read Japanese in my lifetime. It’s been an incredible journey and I recommend him for anyone looking to begin Japanese or improve their skills.


The best Japanese teacher I ever had. Since I had weekly one-to-one Japanese classes with Yuto san, my Japanese level, in general, has skyrocketed. My Japanese learning journey, thanks to Yuto san, was as smooth sailing. Beginning by learning the basics like hiragana, basic kanji and beginner grammar helped me a lot to pass my JLPT exam. Then during our Japanese classes, Yuto san challenged me to speak only in Japanese, which helped me develop my confidence in speaking Japanese. Thanks to his easy-to-understand and efficient textbooks, learning new vocabulary or grammar was fun and rewarding. I trust Yuto san’s knowledge, to improve his student Japanese like he has done and still doing for me.


This teacher is amazing!😎
When I first started learning from Yuto (teacher), he was very kind and seemed like he knew what he was doing. He knows how to talk to people of all ages and he knows how to slip in some jokes from time to time. Not only did I learn a lot from him, but I’m still learning a lot more from him. At first, I didn’t think that doing online classes to learn a language would work, but after a while and getting used to it, it helped me improve my Japanese, and I got to personally know my teacher more. Anyways, to conclude this message, I highly recommend learning from this teacher if you want to learn how to speak or improve your Japanese.


I enjoyed having class with Yuto Sensei. The learning environment is comfortable, and the fact we are using almost all Japanese in class helped me to practice oral and listening skills a lot. We also get to discover different grammars and kanjis every class.


Yuto-sensei gives simple, easy to understand lessons that make learning Japanese fun and interesting.

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