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If you would like to learn grammar and kanji for JLPT, this course is for you.

In this one hour course, we use Try textbook and 日本語チャレンジ漢字 textbook.

We will practice how to read and write kanji first and then review the grammar which you have learned in the previous class.

After you learn grammar, you will work on exercise section in the textbook.

You will acquire the reading, writing and grammar knowledge to pass each JLPT test.

Youtonihongo is a great place to have the opportunity to learn and improve your Japanese.

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Let’s see the students’ review.

I learned my N2 grammar from Yuto sensei and passed my JLPT N2 exam in July this year!!! He is very patient and kind, and good at explaining the meaning of different words and phrases through examples. After the lessons, I had a firm understanding of the grammatical rules and meaning of the new vocabularies.


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We have a solid backup system.

Our backup system

Google classroom

I assume that you want to review what you learned in the class.
For you, I use google classroom to share what you learned and homework.


I prepare handouts or presentations for the classes. You may want to see the resource anytime to review Japanese.
For you, I upload them on Dropbox and you can see them anytime.

Video archives

If you miss a lesson, don’t worry. You can access a video archive later. You can watch anytime to review classes.
*Online class only.
*Only in group classes.

Ask questions anytime

When you have questions about Japanese which you learn, you can contact us anytime via class email, WhatsApp or google classroom.

Language exchange

We sometimes hold a language exchange. You can participate online language exchange for free.

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The free trial class online

We offer online classes and in person classes