Yuto Arimori

Teacher’s Profile
・Graduated Fukuoka University. Majored in Education and Psychology.

・Worked as a teacher in Japan.

・Graduated from St. George International College.

・Worked as an online Japanese teacher.

・Elementary school teacher’s license.

・Junior high school teacher’s license.

・High school teacher’s license.

・Certified Psychologist, Japanese Psychological Association.

・Teaching English To Young Children Program (TYCP)

・Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


I’ve lived in Toronto for four years.

I’ve taught Japanese online and met many students.

When I teach them, I notice that they need to talk in Japanese in order to improve.

I believe that learning online is an excellent way to learn any language.

However, there is no chance to interact without a teacher.

That’s what I would like to provide you, a chance to interact with others in Japanese.

I welcome anyone from beginners, intermediate to advanced students.

Let’s learn Japanese together!

During the promotion, you will receive one free trial lesson for 30 minutes online.

Please feel free to contact us through the contact form.
Please let me know your available schedule and what level class you are interested in such as beginner, intermediate or advanced.

The free trial class online

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