How can you add information to a noun and explain the noun more specifically.

When you read this article, you will learn how to say that this is my pen or this is a key to a car in Japanese.

how to use の

の describes next noun.

For example, これは ねこです。This is a cat.

You want to explain who the cat belongs to.

You can say これは わたし ねこです。This is my cat.

Now, we understand whose cat this is.

Another example is here.

これは かぎです。This is a key, but you want to explain what kind of key it is.

You can say これは くるま かぎです。This is a key to a car.

Now, we understand what kind of key it is.

Remember that the structure is different between Japanese and English.

Therefore, A key to a car is くるま かぎ。

how to ask and answer

You found a key and you want to ask what key this is.

You can say これは なん かぎですか。

Then, the answer will be くるま かぎです。

Everyone knows the subject is これ, so you don’t have to say これは くるまの かぎです when you answer.

If you want to ask whose key this is, you would say これは だれ かぎですか。

The answer would be わたしです。

When you answer, you don’t have to say かぎ again because everyone knows we are talking about the key.

Please keep in mind that you cannot forget to add の.

If you answer これは わたしです, it means this is me.

You’re not a key, so you should add の, わたしです.

When you want to ask where this is from, you could say これは どこ 〇〇ですか。

(ex) これは どこの ワインですか。
Where does this wine come from?

If someone ask you これは どこ ワインですか, you can say イタリアです。

If you want to know question words more, please read this article.

Let’s learn Japanese words for question


If you want to explain a noun more specifically, you would use の.

これは なんの かぎですか。くるまの かぎです。
これは だれの かぎですか。わたしのです。
このワインは どこの ですか。イタリアのです。


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