I’m going to talk about class activities for someone who is interested in my class.

This is the third article of the series where I will tell you about the class environment.

I teach Japanese for beginners.

I currently have one in-person class and one online class for beginners.

What can you expect to learn if you join the general Japanese beginner course?

I’ll teach you basic Japanese vocabulary and phrases.

For example, you will learn how to count numbers and how to say the dates properly in Japanese.

You will learn hiragana and katakana, which is Japanese alphabet.

This is an example of a lesson.

We learned how to count in Japanese.

The way we count changes depending on the subject.

For example, when you count dogs, we say ○○hiki.

いぬが 2ひき います。There are two dogs.

However, when we count books, we say ○○satsu.

ほんが 2さつ あります。There are two books.

I also teach days and dates such as how you can say “this week”, “next week”, and “last week” in Japanese.

When you join our classes, you will acquire very common Japanese knowledge.

Let’s start learning Japanese with us!

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This is the each course’s information.

General Japanese Course

For all levels.

In this course, you will learn Japanese grammar and how to write, speak and read.

Reading and Speaking Course

For intermediate and advanced.

In this course, you will read newspaper, blogs and so on. Then you will discuss your opinions.

JLPT Course

For all levels.

You will practice to take JLPT.(Japanese-Language Proficiency Test)

Kids Course

For 9-12 years old children.

In this course, the children will learn common Japanese phrases and grammar with some activities.

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