I will talk about the activities done in my classes for anyone who is curious.

This is the fourth article of this series where I will talk about the class environment.

I teach Japanese for beginners in person.

Students will learn writing, speaking and grammar in this class.

Students will also learn how to introduce themselves as well as kosoado words etc.

What are kosoado words?

Please check out this article.

Let’s learn Japanese kosoado words

Students will have learned names of countries, jobs and other new vocabulary we use for daily life.

Students will also learn how to read katakana.

How do I deliver classes?

First, I will give slideshow presentations to teach new vocabulary.

Then, students will practice new vocabulary by using flash cards.

Thirdly, I will teach Japanese grammar.

Fourth, students practice speaking using the new vocabulary or grammar learned.

In this way, students will learn vocabulary and grammar, and they will be able to practice speaking in Japanese.

I teach Japanese by direct method, which means teaching Japanese in Japanese.

Therefore, you will have many chances to speak and listen to Japanese.

Are you worried about starting?

Don’t worry.

Most of my students are beginners and they enjoy my classes.

Please check out these students voices as well.

Student voices

There is more space for in person classes.

My students are waiting for new classmates!

If you want to learn grammar, writing and speaking in person, please feel free to contact me.

Contact Form

You can also learn Japanese on my Instagram page.


This is the each course’s information.

General Japanese Course

For all levels.

In this course, you will learn Japanese grammar and how to write, speak and read.

Reading and Speaking Course

For intermediate and advanced.

In this course, you will read newspaper, blogs and so on. Then you will discuss your opinions.

JLPT Course

For all levels.

You will practice to take JLPT.(Japanese-Language Proficiency Test)

Kids Course

For 9-12 years old children.

In this course, the children will learn common Japanese phrases and grammar with some activities.

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