If you went to Japan and you want to tell your friends what you did, you would give them some examples.

How can you tell them what you do or did?

You can use ~たり, ~たり します.

What is ~たり, ~たり?

In this article, I teach you what ~たり, ~たり is.

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how to use たり たり

We use “~たり, ~たり します” to give two or three examples of many actions.

If you went to Japan, you would do various things.

You might have gone to onsen, seen cultural buildings or eaten sushi.

You want to pick out some of those things and tell your friends.

In this case, you would use ~たり, ~たり します.

タ form+り, タ form +り+します

(ex) おんせんに はいったり、すしを たべたり しました。
I went to onsen and eat sushi.

If you don’t know what タ form is, please read this article first.

Japanese verbs conjugation-past tense

You might do various things, but you picked two things (onsen and sushi) and told your friends.

(ex) くるまの なかで たべたり のんだりしないでください。
Please don’t eat and drink in my car.

Like this case, if you want to ask someone not to do two or three things, you can say ~たり, ~たり しないでください。

This is note that if you use たり, you should put たり to another verb.

Even Japanese people sometimes forget to attach たり to the second verb like おんせんにはいったり、すしをたべました, when they write.

When you write and the sentence is long, you should be careful.



タ form+り, タ form +り+します

We use “~たり, ~たり します” to give two or three examples of many actions.


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